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Our technical know-how means that we can offer you the best quality at a reasonable price. Over ten years of experience in the field of air suspension in the passenger car, SUV and light commercial vehicle sector speaks for itself. These products are sensitive spare parts. Sensitive in the sense that the corresponding specifications must be met by us and also by the car manufacturer. This includes an appropriate equipment of tools and in many cases also an appropriate diagnostic software. Most diagnostic programs that do not come from the car manufacturer do not meet the requirements. It seems easy to replace these spare parts. But it is indispensable to integrate the spare part into the system, taking into account all the contingencies of a defect in the existing system. Damage to the spare part purchased from us must be prevented in this way. Our products are tested in several steps before they leave our premises. So if our product does not work, you must first make sure that all other components of the system are working properly.

Das Thema Luftfederung
The subject of air suspension is still considered to be a very complicated one by garages. Often, mechanics are forced to use an expensive diagnostic device because the possibility of determining the problem without a diagnostic device is very limited due to a lack of experience and can take a few days. A diagnosis by computer, on the other hand, determines a fault within a few minutes. Therefore, as an aftermarket provider, we are in demand from independent workshops and end customers when it comes to the procedure for finding a fault.  
Once a fault code has been displayed by the diagnostic device, there is a clear procedure that the car manufacturer has documented. However, it is well known that not every fault code correctly interprets the actual fault, resulting in unnecessary costs for the customer, such as replacement of non-defective parts and further workshop costs. An independent workshop therefore does not like to get involved in such an odyssey. In many of these cases, our experience has enabled us to quickly help solve the problem.

Did you know?
Authorized dealers / workshops are also allowed to install alternative products.

Therefore, confront your authorized workshop with these price differences and ask for the installation of an exchange part or a cheaper spare part from the independent parts trade. If necessary, also enquire at an independent workshop. You do not need to worry about liability for material defects and warranty. For work on the vehicle carried out in an independent workshop, the independent workshop must offer a corresponding warranty. And the warranty claim on the rest of the vehicle remains unaffected, provided it is not consequential damage from an improper repair or use of an inferior part.

Legal aspects of spare parts:
The Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (Kfz-Gruppenfreistellungsverordnung, GVO) regulates the free trade in automotive spare parts and the possibility of selling original and remanufactured parts both in the independent and branded trade. This avoids a monopoly position of the car manufacturers as the sole distributors of spare parts, which ultimately promotes competition and benefits the consumer. The BER regulates the different forms of distribution and at the same time defines the characteristics of spare parts, which are used for the classification into the respective terms.

Explanation of the Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1400/2002 of 31 July 2002, art. 1 par. 1:
Our products from AMK , Bilstein, Continental, Corteco, Dunlop, ETO, Firestone, RAPA, Staiger and WABCO may be called original spare parts, since they come from the same manufacturer and are of the same quality as the components that are/were used for the assembly of the new vehicle. They are manufactured according to the same specifications and production requirements given by the motor vehicle manufacturer for the production of the components or spare parts of the motor vehicle in question. The old term "identical part": according to the latest legislation, the term identical part has become obsolete; these parts are now also referred to as original parts.

"Replica parts" are produced by a motor vehicle parts manufacturer who, along with that product, is not also a supplier to the vehicle manufacturer for whose model the specific replica part fits. The replica part is based on the original or identical part and fulfills its function. In Germany, the reproduction of car parts is generally permitted. These spare parts are therefore "qualitatively equivalent spare parts". Exchange parts (AT parts) are car parts that have been restored to new condition by machining and that correspond to the quality of a new part. In our description also called "refurbished spare part".